Tile Placement Game

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Place tiles forming more patterns (vertical, horizontal, or all of one type) than everyone else

Number of Players

2 - 4 Players

Time to Play

30 to 35 minutes

Rapid Rules


  1. Each player receives a game board with colored wall side up
  2. Each player gets a black score cube and places it on "0" at the top of their card
  3. Place factory displays ((number of players * 2) + 1) in a circle in the center of the table
  4. The starting player marker is placed in the center of the circle of factory displays
  5. All tiles are placed in the bag

General Play

  1. From the bag, place four randomly drawn tiles onto each factory display
    • If the bag is empty, refill it with all tiles discarded into the game box
  2. The active player will pick all tiles of the same design from a Factory display and move the remaining tiles to the center of the table, or pick up all tiles of the same design from the center of the table
    • The first player to pick tiles from the center of the table gets the starting player marker and places it in the leftmost slot on their board under the "-1"
  3. The picked tiles then need to be placed in the holding lines next to the patterned wall from right to left
    • Only one pattern may be on any given line at a time
  4. If a player pick up tiles that cannot (or they don't want to) go in any holding lines they must be placed at the bottom of the player's board under the negative numbers, from left to right
  5. Players take turns repeating steps 2-4 until all tiles have been collected from the Factory display or center of the table
  6. Players then build their wall by placing tiles from their completed holding lines (lines with all spaces filled) onto the wall on the right side of their board, matching the pattern on the wall with the pattern in the holding line
  7. Players update their score and discard their tiles into the game box
  8. The player with the starting player marker places it in the middle of the table and goes first in the next round
  9. Players repeat steps 1-8 for each round until any player completes a horizontal row on their wall

In-Game Scoring

End-Game Scoring

Winning and Losing