The anagram game that drives you bananas!

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Be the first to use all of your tiles

Number of Players

2 - 6 Players

Time to Play

30 minutes

Rapid Rules

General Play

  1. Deal each player 11 tiles face down leaving the other tiles in the banana
  2. Yell "SPLIT!" to start the game and have everyone turn their tiles over
  3. Make words with your tiles going down or across like a crossword puzzle
  4. All words must intersect with at least one other word
  5. If a player wants to trade a tile, they can yell "DUMP!", put the tile they don't want back in the banana, and pick three new ones at random
  6. When a player uses all of their tiles and there are more tiles than players remaining, the player will yell "PEEL" which forces all players to take a new tile
  7. When a player uses all of their tiles and there are fewer tiles remaining than players, the player will yell "BANANAS!"

Winning and Losing