A clever tile-laying game.

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Add the game Carcassonne to your collection!


Score the most points by laying tiles and placing Meeples strategically

Number of Players

2 - 5 Players

Time to Play

30 to 45 minutes

Rapid Rules


  1. Pull out river tiles (different back colors) from the rest of the tiles
  2. Shuffle other tiles and place face-down into draw piles
  3. Players each get 8 followers of their color. Seven are kept with the player and one is placed on the scoreboard on 0

General Play

  1. Players take turns building the river, laying one tile at a time.
    • The river should start and end with the lake tiles
    • If you have a first edition, there will be no river and instead there is a single starting tile
  2. After the river is complete, each player will complete steps 3 - 6 on their turn
  3. Draw a new land tile and place it in a way that matches and connects with existing tiles
  4. If a player has followers, they may place one on the tile in a city, on a road, in the field, or on the monestairy if there are no followers already on that part
  5. All players receive points for any roads, cities, or monasteries completed on this turn
  6. Return followers from completed areas to each player's supply
  7. Moving clockwise, the next player takes their turn.
  8. Players repeat steps 3-7 until all tiles are placed.

In-Game Scoring

Players keep track of their score by moving their follower around the scorecard.

Winning and Losing