The Jump and Capture Strategy Game

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Capture all of your opponent's pieces

Number of Players

2 Players

Time to Play

10 to 30 minutes

Rapid Rules


  1. Using the three nearest rows to each player, pieces of the same color are placed every other dark square on the board

General Play

  1. Players alternate moving their pieces one at a time forward diagonally onto an empty square
  2. If a player has an option to jump over an opponent piece into an empty square, they must do this and they capture that piece and remove it from the board
    • Multiple jumps can be made in one turn by one piece if the opportunity exists to do so
  3. If a piece gets all the way across the board then it is "kinged" and now may move backwards or forwards diagonally
    • Kinged pieces often are two pieces stacked on top of each other
  4. Play continues repeating steps 1-3 until one player has all their pieces captured or there are no possible moves

Winning and Losing