The medieval warfare abstract strategy game

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Capture your opponent's king before they capture yours

Number of Players

2 Players

Time to Play

10 to 60 minutes

Rapid Rules


  1. On one side of the board from left to right place the following pieces of one color on the outer most row:
    • Rook (Castle), Knight (Horse), Bishop, Queen, King, Bishop, Knight Rook
  2. On the next row in front of the pieces you just placed, place pawns (smaller pieces) of the same color all the way across
  3. Mirror this setup on the other side of the board with the other color pieces
    • The king and queen should be directly across from each other on both sides

General Play

  1. Players alternate taking turns, starting with who has the White pieces, moving one piece at a time
  2. Each piece has specific rules on how it may move:
    • King may only move one square in any direction
    • Queen may move any number of empty spaces in any direction
    • Rook may move any number of empty spaces horizontally or vertically
    • Bishop may move any number of empty spaces diagonally
    • Knight may move two squares horizontally then one square vertically or one square horizontally and two squares vertically (an "L" shape), jumping over other pieces if need be.
    • Pawns may move forward one square
      • Unless it is their first time moving, then they can move forward two squares
      • Unless capturing another piece then it can move one square diagonally forward
  3. If a piece of one color lands on the piece of another color, the opponent's piece is captured and removed from the board
  4. If a pawn is able to get to the other end of the board, it can be converted to any other type of piece
  5. When a piece is moved such that on its next turn it could capture a king, the player must say "check"
  6. If your king is under "check" then the king must be moved
    • If it is not possible to get out of check, then the game is over and king is checkmated

Winning and Losing