Codenames Duet

Top Secret Co-Op Game

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Work together to guess all words before time is up or the Assassin is found

Number of Players

2 Players

Time to Play

15 to 30 minutes

Rapid Rules


  1. Shuffle the word cards and build a 5 x 5 grid
  2. Place agent cards, assassin card, and 9 timer tokens bystandard side up next to the grid
  3. Draw and place the key card in the stand between players

General Play

  1. Players take turns look at the green places on their side of the key card and give a clue that is one word and one number that helps the other player guess a word and lets them know how many cards are related to that clue
    • e.g. Plant: 2 for FLOWER and GRASS
  2. When guessing, a player will touch a word they think is correct
  3. If the word is green on the key card, even if it isn't one the clue giver intended, a green agent card is placed on top
    • Picking a valid word allows the player to continue guessing
  4. An incorrect word marked as tan on the key card has the clue giver put a bystander piece on the word and the turn is over
  5. An incorrect word marked as black on the key card ends the game immediately
  6. Players continue taking turns giving one clue per turn and guessing at least one word per turn until all timer tokens are used, the assassin is found, or all words have been guessed
  7. If one player has guessed all their words that player no longer guesses additional words and only gives clues for the remainder of the game

Winning and Losing