Costa Rica

Reveal the Rainforest

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Number of Players

2 - 5 Players

Time to Play

30 to 45 minutes

Rapid Rules


  1. Shuffle hexagonal tiles and build a hexagon board with five tiles per side, environment side up
    • Not all tiles will be used
  2. Place one of each player's explorer at each of the six points in the hexagon

General Play

  1. Choose a player to be the first expedition leader and give them the expediation leader marker
  2. The expedition leader chooses an expedition/player explorer group that has one of their explorers in it to be the group going on an expedition
  3. The expedition leader chooses a tile adjacent to the group to move to
  4. The expedition leader flips the tile over to reveal animals and/or threats
    • If two threats are revealed the expedition leader discards tiles with threat symbols, keeps the other tiles, and leaves the expedition allowing the player clockwise to the expedition leader become the new leader
  5. The expedition leader decides if they wish to claim the tile(s). If not, then clockwise from the expedition leader each player gets to decide if they want the tile(s)
    • If the tile(s) remain unclaimed players steps 3-5
  6. When tile(s) are claimed the expedition is over, the expedition leader passes the expedition leader marker to the next player clockwise, and players repeat steps 2-5

Winning and Losing