Dueling Solitaire

Solitaire for Two

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Play more cards than your opponent

Number of Players

2 Players

Time to Play

30 minutes

Rapid Rules

This game is standard solitaire with two different decks where players work individually and simultaneously on their boards, except on the ace piles where both players may play until one player plays all their cards.

Additional explanation is below, but if you already know standard solitaire you already know how to play with the one mentioned exception.


  1. Each player selects a standard deck of cards with different patterns on the back
  2. Each player sets up their space by starting seven piles of cards
    • From left to right, lay a card face up in the leftmost space then put a card face down on each of the other piles spots
    • Repeat this pattern for each of the face down piles until all piles have one face up card and the rightmost pile is seven cards deep

General Play

  1. Players simultaneously play and move cards around, alternating color and ordering cards from A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K
  2. Cards undealt by each player can be flipped over three at a time, with only the top being playable, until five or fewer exists then cars may be open and are all available
  3. When a player finds an A, they may play in the middle of the two players boards
  4. Either player may play on the A by matching suit and increasing in rank from A to K
  5. Players keep working on their board and simultaneously playing on all A's and resulting piles between each board until everyone is stuck or one player has played all of their cards
    • If both players are sick and they still have undealt cards, they may place the top card under the pile then flip the new order to get access to new cards
    • Both players must agree to this action before doing so

Winning and Losing