Forbidden Desert

Thirst for Survival

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Work with your teammates to get all pieces to your crashed ship and escape the desert

Number of Players

2 - 5 Players

Time to Play

45 minutes

Rapid Rules


  1. Place tiles desert side up in a 5 x 5 square grid oriented in teh same direction with the compass in the top left corner and leave a tile missing in the middle
  2. Add 8 sand markers with the lighter colored side facing up to the desert board in a diamond pattern, and place the remaining sand at the side of the board
  3. Set the sand storm level according to the number of players and difficulty desired
  4. Separate the decks and shuffle them
  5. Randomly deal each player one adventurer card, share the unique ability, and attach a clip to the card so it covers the top mark of the canteen
  6. Each player will place a pawn matching the color of their adventurer card on the helicopter crash tile

General Play

  1. Players take turns taking up to four actions per turn including:
    • Move - To an adjacent, unblocked tile or between unblocked tunnels
    • Remove Sand - From an adjacent tile or the tile the player is on and placing it back in the supply pile
    • Excavate - A tile without Sand on it by flipping it over so the city side is facing up
    • Pick Up a Part - On an unblocked and excavated tile
  2. If during excavating both tiles indication where a part is are revealed, place the part at the intersection of these clues
  3. If during excavating there are gears in the bottom right corner then collect the top card from the Equipment deck
  4. If during excavation a watering hole is found, two waters may be added to each player's canteen
    • Equipment may be traded between players if both players are on the same tile
  5. After performing actions, the player must draw the number sand storm cards equal to the level the sand storm is at, revealing them, performing required actions, then placing them in the discard pile
    • If drawing a Wind Blows card with an arrow and red boxes, the desert shifts by moving the indicated number of tiles near the hole in the direction the card shows and placing sand on them, if available
    • If sand is already on a tile, make sure when placing sand to place it with the side with an "X" facing up
    • Any players that get burried and have 2 or more Sand markers on their tile must dig out down to one or no tiles before being able to move
    • If drawing a Storm Picks picks up, increase the storm level
    • If drawing a Sun Beats Down, everyone must drink 1 water, unless in a tunnel or protected by a Solar Shield
  6. Players repeat steps 1-5 until they lose or collect all pieces, can build their ship, and get to an unblocked Launch Pad

Winning and Losing