The Colorful Game Where You Stack to Win


Create secret color sequences

Number of Players

1 - 4 Players

Time to Play

30 to 40 minutes

Rapid Rules


  1. Choose what size board you wish to play on (4x4, 5x5, or 6x6)
  2. Lay Juxtabo pieces on the table forming the grid, ensuring there is a good mixture of colors
  3. Place all other pieces in the bag and have players draw 7 pieces each
  4. Each player should get two card stands and two challenge cards with a pattern on it
  5. Other challenge cards are kept face down by the board

General Play

  1. On each player's turn they must place pieces on 2 locations on the board. On one or both of these locations, they can place several pieces on top of each other.
  2. Pieces must be placed matching colors
    • e.g. a Purple piece on the board needs to have a piece with purple on the bottom placed over it and different color on top
  3. If on a player's turn they make the pattern on their challenge card, they say "Juxtabo!" and show the match and collect the card.
    • The player now must draw a new challenge card and can repeat steps 1-3
  4. When there are no pattern matches or no pieces left the player's turn is over
  5. The player draws more pieces to have a total of 7
  6. The next player goes, following steps 1-5
  7. At any time, if a player sees their pattern show up on the board they can say "Juxtabo", show the pattern, and collect the card.
    • If it is not the player's current turn they do not get a bonus turn

Winning and Losing