The Game of Collecting Gemstones

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Add the game Mancala to your collection!


Capture all of your opponent's stones

Number of Players

2 Players

Time to Play

10 minutes

Rapid Rules

General Play

  1. Place 4 stones in each of the 12 smaller holes and lay the board horizontally between each player so there are 6 little holes on the top and bottom of the board
  2. Players take turns grabbing all stones in a hole on their side and dropping them one by one on sequential holes, skipping the big hole on the player's left, but may place stones in the big hole on the player's right
    • If the last stone a player drops is into the big whole on their right, they get to take another turn
  3. Play continues until a player no longer has any stones in their smaller holes

Winning and Losing

Alternate Names