Fast-dealing property trading game

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Become the wealthiest player

Number of Players

2 - 8 Players

Time to Play

60 to 180 minutes

Rapid Rules (Standard Game)


  1. Choose a player to act as the Banker who will handle dealing out all money, property cards / title deeds, houses and hotels.
  2. The banker will deal out $1500 to each player as follows
    • 2 $500's, $100's, and $50's
    • 6 $20's
    • 5 $10's, $5's, and $1's
  3. All other money is placed in the bank along with title deeds
  4. Place Chance and Communty Chest cards face down on their respective spaces on the board
  5. Each player will chosen a token to represent them and place it on "GO"
  6. Choose a player to go first, then play continues to the left.

General Play

  1. On your turn roll both dice and move the number of spaces indicated by your roll.
  2. When you land on a space one of the following may happen:
    • You may choose to buy unowned property for the listed price on the board
    • Pay rent to the player who owns the property based on the title deed and number of houses / hotels
    • Pick a Chance or Community Chest card based on the place you landed and follow instructions on the card
    • Follow printed instructions on the board
  3. Any money exchanged is either given from one player to another or the bank depending on scenario.
    • If you are unable to pay your debts you need to sell any houses or hotels, or mortgage property to gain required funds.
  4. Next, you may buy houses for your property if you own the entire color group, or hotels if you own four houses on each property in the same color group for the prices listed on the title deed.
  5. You may initiate trades with any player to trade money, title deeds, or cards for any terms.
  6. If you rolled doubles, you get to go again.
  7. If you roll doubles three times then you go to jail.


  1. If you are sent to jail you go here immediately without collecting $200 for passing "GO"
  2. On your turn you may:
    • Roll the dice and attempt to get doubles on any of your next three turns
      • If you are successful you then may move forward the number of spaces you rolled, but do not take another turn for the doubles.
    • Use the "Get Out of Jail Free Card" before rolling the dice.
    • Pay a fine of $50 before rolling the dice
  3. Using the "Get Out of Jail Free Card" or paying the fine moves a player to "Just Visiting" and their turn is over without rolling dice.

Mortgages and Selling Houses and Hotels

Winning and Losing

Rapid Rules (Short Game)

Changes from Standard Game

  1. Play only until all properties have been purchased.
  2. Player with the most wealth at this point wins the game

Rapid Rules (Optional Additions)


  1. When a property is landed on, it must be sold. If the player who landed on the property does not wish to buy it at list price it will go up for auction.
  2. The banker will ask each player one at a time, including the person who declined buying at the listed price, to bid any amount.
  3. This continues until a highest bid is found, and highest bidder gets the property.

Free Parking Bonus

  1. Any money that normally would be sent to the bank during play is placed on the middle of the board.
  2. When a player lands on Free Parking, they get all money placed on the middle of the board.