Mouse Trap

Roll your dice and move your mice

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Capture other player's mice and be the last free mouse

Number of Players

2 - 4 Players

Time to Play

30 minutes

Rapid Rules

General Play

  1. Start with an empty board and have players place their mice on the start spot
  2. Players take turn rolling the die and moving their mice the indicated number of spaces around the board.
  3. On each space do the printed action
  4. When the mouse trap is built, if a player lands on the "Turn Crank" space and there is another player on the cheese wheel, the player gets to turn the crank to set the trap in motion and see if it works
    • If there are no other players on the cheese wheel, a player on the turn crank space can use a piece of cheese to roll the die and move an opponent's mouse that isn't in the safe space
    • This can be done as many times as you have cheese slices
  5. If the trap succeeds, the captured player is out of the game and must give all cheese to the capturing player
  6. If the trap fails, the opposing player moves to the safe space
  7. Play continues until only one mouse is free

Winning and Losing