The Classic Game of Chase, Race, and Capture

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Add the game Parcheesi to your collection!


Get all of your pawns home before everyone else

Number of Players

2 - 4 Players

Time to Play

30 minutes

Rapid Rules

General Play

  1. Players choose a color and place all pawns of that color on the matching color "Start" on the board
  2. Players take turns clockwise rolling two dice and moving pawns along the outside bath of the board then into their Home space
    • Players must roll a FIVE either on one or with both dice to move a pawn from start to spaces on the board
    • Players may use both dice together to move one pawn, or may use dice individually on two different pawns
    • A player's may have up to a maximum of two pawns on one space
  3. If a player lands on another player's pawn, the player landed on must send the pawn back to start, and the capturing player earns a 20 space bonus
    • Players may not capture another player's pawn on a safety space, unless a player is entering their Home path at which point the act of Entering is enough to capture a pawn at the beginning of the home path
  4. If a player rolls doubles (doublet) they may move pawns and roll again
    • If all four pawns are out, then players may use numbers on both the top and bottom of the dice when doubles are rolled to move
    • If a player rolls doubles three times, the pawn closest to Home needs to return to "Start"
  5. If two pawns of the same color are on the same spot, no other pawns may move passed them
  6. When players go around the board once they may enter the Home path of their same color, and may return home by exact dice count
    • When they get home they get an additional 10 space move
  7. Players continue taking turns repeating steps 2-6 until one player gets all pawns Home

Winning and Losing

Alternative Names

Pachisi, Wa-hoo, Wahoo