A Family and Strategy Game about National Parks

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Visit more parks than everyone else

Number of Players

1 - 5 Players

Time to Play

40 to 70 minutes

Rapid Rules


  1. Shuffle deal one canteen card (face up) and two year cards (face down) to each player.
  2. Players will keep one year card and discard the other
  3. On the main board shuffle and place each deck of cards into its spot
  4. Turn up the topmost seasons card, flip three parks over, and three gear cards over
  5. Separate the basic sites from the advanced (marked with an asterisk in the bottom right) cards
    • If playing with 4 or more players, add the Waterfall site to the basic sites
  6. Add one advanced site to the basic site pile, shuffle, and place them next to each other after the trailhead, then at the other end place the trail end
  7. Players will choose two hikers of the same color and place them on the trailhead
  8. Give each player a Campfire (fire side up)
  9. The first player will get the green triangle (First Hiker Marker) and the player to the right will get the Camera

General Play

  1. Place tokens matching the pattern on the season card starting with the second trail site through the end, repeating the pattern as needed
  2. The player with the first hiker marker goes first
  3. Players take turns moving one hiker at a time to an unoccupied space and performing the action or collecting the token referenced on the site
    • If they are the first player to a site with a bonus token from the season, they collect that immediately
    • If the site is for taking photos and the player does not have the camera, they pay full token price and then obtain the camera
    • If the site is for taking photos and the player has the camera, they only need to pay one token to take a photo
    • Important players may not have more than 12 tokens at one time. If they gain more than 12 then they must discard extras
  4. If a player wants to visit an occupied space and they have a lit fire, they may extinguish their fire and go to an occupied space
  5. When one of a player's hikers reaches the trail end, that player's campfire is relit and the player will chose an action
    • Reserve a park - choose one of the park cards (face up or draw) and place it horizontally to reserve it so later on you can visit when you have enough tokens. The first player here also gets the First Hiker Marker to go first in the next round
    • Buy gear - Use sunshines, possibly with a discount to buy gear that gives advantages
    • Visit a park - exchange tokens for visiting a park
  6. Players with hikers still on the trail repeat steps 3-5 until only one hiker remains on the trail. At this point the hiker must immediately move to Trail End and choose an action
  7. The player with the camera may take an additional photo for one token
  8. All players empty canteens, adding water tokens back to the supply
  9. Pick up the trail sites, add a new advanced site, shuffle, and build a new trail
  10. Draw a new season card and repeat steps 1-10 until all trail sites have been added to the trail

Winning and Losing