Phase 10

A rummy-type card game with an exciting twist!

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Play all of your cards and complete phases faster than your opponents

Number of Players

2 - 6 Players

Time to Play

45 minutes

Rapid Rules

General Play

  1. The dealer will shuffle the deck of cards and deal 10 cards face-down to each player and place the rest of the deck face-down on the table as a draw pile
  2. Players will keep their hands private and take turns drawing one card at a time from the draw pile or discard pile and then discarding a card until they have the cards that complete the phase they are on
    • Phase 1 - 2 sets of 3
    • Phase 2 - 1 set of 3 and 1 run of 4
    • Phase 3 - 1 set of 4 and 1 run of 4
    • Phase 4 - 1 run of 7
    • Phase 5 - 1 run of 8
    • Phase 6 - 1 run of 9
    • Phase 7 - 2 sets of 4
    • Phase 8 - 7 cards of one color
    • Phase 9 - 1 set of 5 and 1 set of 2
    • Phase 10 - 1 set of 5 and 1 set of 3
  3. If a player has a Skip they can play that at any time to skip an opponent. A wild card may be used in place of any other card for completing or adding to runs and sets
  4. When a player has the correct combination of cards for the phase they are on they may play the cards down on the table
  5. After player opens/plays their phase, they may now play on any sets that are on the table, and will advance to the next phase during the next round
  6. Players repeat steps 2-4 until one player plays all of their cards
  7. Players add up their scores, a new player is dealer, and all players repeat steps 1-6 until one player completes all 10 phases
    • Remember, if a player did not complete their phase in the previous round they are on that same phase in the next round


When a round of Phase 10 is completed, the player who ran out of cards gets points based on the cards left in the other players' hands

Scores carry over from round to round

Winning and Losing