The Game of Quick Draw

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Guess what is being sketched

Number of Players

4 or More Players (2 Teams)

Time to Play

30 - 90 minutes

Rapid Rules (No Game Board)

General Play

  1. The first team chooses who will sketch
  2. The sketcher draws a card and chooses a word from the agreed upon color or category
  3. A one minute timer is set and the sketcher begins sketching
  4. Teammates attempt to guess at what is being drawn
  5. If teammates guess correctly before the timer runs out, the team gets a point
  6. The other team gets to sketch and guess, following steps 2-5

Winning and Losing


Rapid Rules (Game Board)

Play with a game board is almost the same as without a game board, except teams will move around the board based on a die roll and sketch the word on the card that is the same color as the space they landed on the game board.

Winning and Losing