Road Trip

The Fast Family Game Of Wacky Words


Complete your trip across the map before everyone else!

Number of Players

2 - 4 Players (or Teams)

Time to Play

20 minutes

Rapid Rules

General Play

  1. Each player or team picks a car and places it on the left side of the map at a starting place
  2. The first player or team will choose a Challenge card and reads it aloud
  3. Roll the alphabet die. The letter it lands on is the letter all answers to the Challenge card must start with
    • Tall Tale: Fill blanks in the story with words that start with the letter rolled. The story must make sense
    • Lead Foot: List words for the category that start with the letter rolled
    • List Three: Same as Lead Foot except you move forward for each answer
  4. Move your car per instructions on the Challenge card
  5. If you land on a shaded circle (Rest Stop) you may pick a card that can bring fortune or fate, or you may end your turn here giving up additional spaces
  6. Continue taking turns until one player makes it to the other end of the map

Winning and Losing