Roller Coaster Tycoon The Board Game

Build the Best Theme Park

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Buy attractions and have guests get onto them to earn the most guest points.

Number of Players

2 - 4 Players

Time to Play

45 minutes

Rapid Rules

Important: This game takes a lot of space to play


  1. Place all seven guests at the park entrance, the Month Marker on March Year 1, and the Closed signs on River Rapids and Wooden Roller Coaster
  2. Place all attractions aside from the pop-up cardboard ones in their spot on the board, so the name of the attraction is face up
  3. Remove blank cards from each deck and shuffle event cards and attraction cards then place them next to the game board
  4. Each player gets the following bills:
    • 2 $1,000,000
    • 1 $500,000
    • 5 $100,000
  5. Each player should
    • Choose a color (red, blue, purple, or yellow) and leave the cardboard markers in the box for now
    • Receive two random attraction cards which they must pay the starting price for
    • Flip over or build the attractions on the board
    • Place a marker of their chosen color on the marker space next to the attraction
  6. Optionally, players may purchase a Handyman and/or Mechanic for a price based on the number of players which may help during Events
    • 2 Players - $400,000 each
    • 3 Players - $300,000 each
    • 4 Players - $200,000 each

General Play

  1. On their turn, players will perform the following actions in this order:
    • Draw an Event card and follow instructions immediately
    • Roll the eight sided color die and the number die then move a guest token of the matching color the indicated number of spaces
    • Award guest points
  2. If an auction card is drawn
    • Players take turns bidding or passing starting with the player who drew the auction card for at least $100,000 (or passing to the next player if they don't want it) for the number of attractions listed on the card
    • Attactions may be revealed (regular auction) or hidden (blind auction)
    • The winner of the auction pays the bank the winning bid, then flips over or builds the attraction and places a color marker on the spot next to it
  3. When awarding guest points through rolling and moving guests or through events, if the player who moved the guests is the owner of the attraction they get twice the number of guest points listed. If another player owns the attraction, then both the owner of the attraction and the player who moved the guest each get the listed number of points
  4. Players will take turns performing steps 1-3 until the Month Marker moves to "Game Over". The player may finish out their turn and then all players will add up their score.

Winning and Losing


Random Ride Closures

Interest in Re-Opened Rides

Upgrade Attractions


More Involved Mechanics and Handymen