The Original Rummy Tile Game

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Number of Players

2 - 4 Players

Time to Play

60 minutes

Rapid Rules

General Play

Generally, several rounds may be played with scores carrying over from one round to the next

  1. All tiles are placed face down and mixed, then players each take 14 tiles and place them on their rack
  2. Players take turns attempting to open by having a play worth 30 points using tiles only on their own rack
    • Plays may consist of groups or runs.
    • A group is a set of 3 or more tiles of the same number and all of different colors
    • A run is a set of 3 or more tiles of consecutive numbers all in the same color
    • Groups and runs are scored by adding up all numbers within the sets
  3. Once open, on a player's turn they may create new groups and runs, or manipulate existing groups and runs on the table to form new sets that use tiles the player has, as long as each set is a valid group or run
    • If this results in picking up a Joker which may have any value or color, the player must use the Joker by their next turn with at least one tile from their rack
  4. If a player is unable to make a move, they must pick a tile from the pool and add it to their rack
  5. Players repeat steps 2-4 until one player empties their Rack and calls "Rummikub!", or until all players reach a point after depleting the pool that they can no longer play
  6. The player that cleared their racks earns the number of points on all opponent player's racks
  7. The players that did not clear their racks earn negative points based on the values of tiles left on their rack

Winning and Losing