The Classic Game of Battlefield Strategy

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Capture your opponent's flag

Number of Players

2 Players

Time to Play

45 minutes

Rapid Rules

General Play

  1. Players each place all of their pieces on the four rows closest to the player and with the printed side facing them
  2. Players alternate taking turns doing one of the following:
    • Moving a piece to an open adjacent square
    • Attacking an opponent's piece
  3. If a player chooses to move, they may move only one piece a single square forward, backward, or sideways, and may not jump over other pieces or move back and forth between the two same squares repeatedly
    • Scouts may move any number of squares forward, backward, or sideways
    • Bombs and flags may not attack or move
  4. If a player chooses to attack they may do so if one of their pieces is adjacent to an opponent's piece forward, backward, or sideways
    • The attacking player taps their piece on their opponent's and declares the rank, and the opponent does the same
    • The lower rank is captured and removed from the board and the if the attacking player had the higher rank, that piece moves into the space occupied by the opponent's piece, otherwise the opponent removes the attacking player's piece but stays in their same spot
    • If both pieces are of the same rank, they are both removed from the game
    • If any rank other than a Miner (rank 3) attacks a bomb then that piece is removed from the game
    • If a Miner (rank 3) attacks a bomb, the bomb is diffused and removed from the board
    • Spies always lose in an attack unless the Spy attacks the Marshal first, in which case it wins and removes the Marshal from the game
  5. Players continue steps 2-4 until a player captures (attacks) an opponent's flag or until all of a player's movable pieces have been removed

Winning and Losing