The Game of Life

Spin to Win!

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Get the most money throughout your Life!

Number of Players

2 - 6 Players

Time to Play

30 to 60 minutes

Rapid Rules

Important: There are many different versions of Life with slightly differeing rulesets. The newer the version often the gentler the rules. The rules on this page aim to hit upon the basics that are applicable to all versions


  1. Each player will receive 4 LIFE tiles which they will keep face down for the duration of the game. The remaining tiles are placed at Millionaire Estates as a draw pile
  2. Separate the cards into decks by type and place near the board
  3. Set up the bank including money and bank loans
  4. Each player should choose a car and a peg representing themselves to put in the driver's seat then choose if they want to go to College or Start a Career
    • Starting College results in borrowing loans at the marked amount on the board from the bank
    • Starting Career results in the player immediately drawing one Career card and One Salary card, as long as they don't say "Degree Required"

General Play

  1. Players decide who goes first by spinning the wheel and seeing who gets the highest value
  2. Players take turns spinning the wheel and moving their car the indicated number of spaces then following the instruction at the space they land on
    • Any time players pass a "Pay Day" they get the indicated amount on their Salary card
    • Any time players get to a "Stop" they must stop, perform the action, and then may roll again
    • Any time players land on a blue space, that is an optional action
  3. Players continue taking turns until all players have reached Millionaire Estates where their own LIFE tiles may be drawn if the draw pile is empty, but is the only way to get multiple additional LIFE tiles, if available, at the end of the game, or Countryside Acres where they collect one LIFE tile and their tiles are safe

Winning and Losing