Ticket to Ride Europe

The Popular Family-Friendly Cross-Country Train Adventure Board Game

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Score more points than your opponents by claiming routes, completing destinations, and building the longest train

Number of Players

2 - 5 Players

Time to Play

30 to 60 minutes

Rapid Rules


  1. Each player gets a set of trains, stations, and score marker of the same color
  2. Each player places their score marker on Start
  3. Shuffle the train cards and then deal four cards to each player.
  4. Remaining cards are placed face down in a draw pile and the top five are turned over
  5. Shuffle and deal one long route ticket (blue background) and three regular route tickets to each player
  6. Each player will keep a minimum of two route tickets and discard the others
    • Important any uncompleted routes are deducted from the player's score at the end of the game

General Play

  1. Players take turns doing only one of the following four actions per turn
    • Draw two train cards (or only one face-up Locomotive)
    • Claim a route by playing train cards from their hand matching the color of the route they are claiming and then placing their trains on the route and collect points
      • Ferries (marked by locomotives) require locomotive cards and colored cards
      • Tunnels (outlined in black) require drawing three cards from the draw pile. If any of the cards match the color of the tunnel or are a locomotive, then the tunnel requires that number of additional train cards to complete
    • Draw three destination / route tickets and keeping at least one of them
    • Build a train station in an available city by discarding a train card to maintain access even if all other routes into it are claimed
      • The player must discard the same number of train cards as number of stations they have including the one they are building
  2. If there are no more train cards then the discard pile should be shuffled into a new draw pile deck with new face-up cards chosen
  3. Play continues until any player has two or fewer trains at the end of their turn. At this point one final round happens and then the game is over.

In-Game Scoring

When a route is completed the player gets points immediately based on the length of the route

Winning and Losing