The Domino Game with a Three-Sided Twist - Triominos

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Add the game Tri-Ominos to your collection!


Play your all Tri-Ominos before everyone else

Number of Players

2 - 4 Players

Time to Play

30 minutes

Rapid Rules

General Play

  1. Players get 9 (if two players) or 7 (if three or more players) Tri-Ominos and keep them hidden from other players. All other Tri-Ominos are placed face down
  2. The player with the Tri-Omino that has the highest same three numbers, or the highest total score if no one has three of the same number goes first
  3. Players take turns placing Tri-Ominos down one at a time, matching two numbers on their Tri-Omino with two numbers on the board and scoring points immediately for their played piece
    • If players are unable to make a match they need to pick from the well (face down Tri-Ominos) until they get a match
  4. The round is over when a player plays all of their Tri-Ominos. They get a 25 point bonus and the total points of all Tri-Ominos left in opponents hands
  5. All Tri-Ominos are returned to the well face down and then steps 1-5 are repeated for the next round
  6. Rounds continue until a player reaches 400 or more points at the end of the round


Winning and Losing