Tsuro of the Seas

Sail the Mystic Seas and guide your ships to avoid powerful sea monsters known as Daikaiju! Place tiles, move along the board, and be the last player standing to win!

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Be the last boat still sailing

Number of Players

2 - 8 Players

Time to Play

20 to 40 minutes

Rapid Rules (No Daikaiju / Monsters)

General Play

  1. Everyone chooses a boat color
  2. Place your boat on any tick mark around the edge of the board
  3. Deal each player 3 water tiles
  4. Taking turns, each player places one water tile in front of their boat
  5. Player moves their boat along the wake until they reach the edge of the tile
  6. Other affected players must also move their boats along the wakes
  7. Player draws a new water tile
  8. Next player places their water tile and play continues

Winning and Losing

Rapid Rules (Daikaiju / Monsters)

The game plays the same as without Daijaiju or monsters, with these changes:

  1. After everyone placed their boats, shuffle and place the Daikaiju tiles face down
  2. Roll the gold and blue dice and place a monster at the specified area by lining up your roll with the gold and blue numbers along the side of the board.
  3. Repeat step 2 based on the number of players you have:
    • Up to 4 players: 6 monsters
    • Up to 6 players: 5 monsters
    • Up to 8 players: 4 monsters
  4. Before each turn, and including players who are out, roll the gold and blue dice, if a 6, 7, or 8 is rolled then re-roll one die and move the Daikaiju accordingly:
    • 1-5: Daikaiju move based on directional arrows on the tile, starting with monsters with high numbered, gold colored arrows in the upper right corner first
    • 6: A new Daikaiju is added to the board the same way the initial ones were placed

Winning and Losing with Daikaiju

In addition to the standard ways to win and lose, Daikaiju add a few more conditions: