A Bird-Collection, Engine-Building Stonemaier Game

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Using birds, eggs, bonuses, end-of-round goals, tucked birds, and cached food, earn the most number of points at the end of four rounds

Number of Players

1 - 5 Players

Time to Play

40 to 70 minutes

Rapid Rules


  1. Shuffle all bird cards into one deck and place face down next to the bird tray. Put three birds face up in the tray
  2. Set up the supply with all food and egg tokens, the birdfeeder with dice, goal board with 1 goal tile on each of the four blank spaces, and bonus cards shuffled and placed in a deck face down on the table
  3. Each player takes
    • 1 player mat
    • All cubes of one color
    • 2 random bonus cards, choose 1 to keep
    • 5 random bird cards
    • 1 food token of each type
  4. For every bird card the player keeps, they discard one food token
  5. The first player gets the first-player token

General Play

  1. Players take turns performing one of four actions:
    • Play a bird by placing an action cube above where you will play the bird; pay the food and egg cost; and if applicable triggering the "when played" power
    • Gain food from the birdfeeder
    • Lay eggs
    • Draw bird cards either from the tray or the deck
  2. If gaining food, laying eggs, or drawing bird cards, place an action cube in the leftmost exposed slot and gain the benefit for that row, then move the cube from right to left across birds activating any optional "when activated" powers
    • If gaining food and the birdfeeder only has one type of food or is empty, all dice can be rerolled
  3. Players repeat steps 1-2 until all of their action cubes have been used
  4. At the end of the round, all players remove cubes from their mats, score end-of-round goals, discard and replace face up bird cards on the bird tray, and rotate the first player token clockwise
  5. Players remove one action cube from play, leaving them with one fewer actions than in the round before
  6. Players repeat steps 1-5 until four rounds have been played

Winning and Losing